Q: Hello, my problem is related to my mother. My mother has pain in her groins. She is examined gynaecological, but nothing was found. She says that she has pain when she is sitting down and standing up. Is it possible that she has inginual hernia. The pain in the groins appear commonly when she is sitting and trying to stand up. She says that she has much difficulties. I thank you in advance for your answer.

There are, may be many reasons for a pain in the groin. Only one of them can be inginual hernia. At hernia, a bulb is more important than the pain. At hernia pain is not always seen. If there is only pain and no bulb, you should consult a physiotherapist. May you recover soon!

Q: Hello. I am 39 years old. 6½ months ago I got twins. The umbilical hernia I got during the pregnancy did not disappear… Actually, I have no complaints but it disturbs me, do I need to be operated? Thank you.

Umbilical hernias, which incurred during the pregnancy, may also last after the pregnancy. In this case, it is necessary to repair the hernia. When we place a small mesh to the opened hole during the pregnancy, you will get rid of your hernia.

Q: I have inginual hernia on the left side, what for a surgical treatment would you advise. Thank you for your attention.

If the patient is not old, pensioned or has an office profession, there is not much difference regarding the recovery between the open and the closed method. If the patient should work with his body, has a hard job or is a sportsmen, the turn-back to work or sport will be faster after the closed surgery. In any case, closed operations are easier and more comfortable for the patient but it has to be handled selective due to the cost difference.

Q: Hello, my husband will have dual-side inginual hernia operation. Which of open and closed operation should we prefer?

The closed method is much more advantageous at dual-side hernias. By the disturbance of one operation to the patient, it is possible to repair both sides. Beside this, if the dual-side inginual hernia is repaired by the open method, the patients will suffer pain in the early period and a long-term loss of sense. Therefore, the closed method is ideal at dual-side inginual hernias.

Q: My mother has umbilical hernia and has diabetes at the same time; is that risky. That’s my question. I would appreciate it if you would send a message in shortest time.

As long as the blood-sugar lvel of your mother is in normal limits, the risk level will not be higher than at healthy persons. If your mother is being treated due to diabetes and is under control, you may let the operation perform anytime you want.

Q: Hello, my name is Ayfer. I have a 1½ year old son who is operated 4 times due to inginual hernia. The first operation was as he was 3 months old, after which his intestine did not work, so he got operated again. Now it re-incurred and that, what the physician said is that they will place a mesh this time. This will be his fifth operation and as I don’t know anything about meshes I consulted you. I would be glad if you could give me some information on this issue. I don't know what I should do.

Paediatric hernias are subject of a paediatric surgeon. I know that meshes are in common not used at children. Because paediatric hernias give also good results without meshes. It is the first time I hear about a 4 times re-incur of a paediatric hernia. I am sure that this not a common situation for the hospital he was operated in. It may be that the mesh is the last solution they found. Meshes are secure, you may use them without any doubt.

Q: Hello; my father suffers inginual hernia. Approx. 15 days ago, I took him to a private hospital in Malatya, but due to that my father is 85 years old and has serious heart problems, they said me after the general surgeon had consulted the cardiologist that the operation may bear high risks. Respecting the techniques and equipments of the hospital in Malatya, I wanted to consult you on this issue and please you to tell me how you would evaluate this and about your techniques.

We can realize the operation securely tough the age of your father and his serious heart problems. Our experienced anaesthetist team would examine your father, decide on the most adequate anaesthesia method and we would perform the operation.

Q: Hello, I have congenital inginual hernias on my right side. It disturbs me since a long time, gets a knob and causes pain. I suppose that I am making yoga is triggering this. I want to get some help. M.K.

We know that it causes disturbances for people with hernia, as the abdominal pressure of persons, who make sport, pilates or yoga, increases during these activities. Therefore, we advise those, who have heavy work, make sport, to get an operation in shortest time.

Q: The patient, my 80 years old mother, has umbilical hernia. It has the size of a basketball and stresses the movement of my mother and her heart. My mother is rather over weighted, she suffers cardiac enlargement and tension. Even to make a couple of steps is very hard for her. Is it possible to treat her at this age and with this problems? Beside this, she is even afraid of the word operation, she is afraid of dying on the surgery table. With regards.

The age of your mother and the systemic problems you counted do not constitute a hindrance for the operation. Our anaesthetists will examine your mother and plan the most adequate anaesthesia conditions and so will her operation be performed securely. No-one dyed on the table, she can be calm.

Q: I write this mail for my father. My father had 3 years ago 2 operations after a diagnosis for soft tissue sarcoma. The operation were made at the same location. The right suprarenal gland is taken out. Actually, more than his cancer, his pain due to hernia is at insufferable level. By the way, my father is 78 years old but his general condition is well. Is a repair with local anaesthesia possible? He is actually living in Mersin, we can take him here for an operation. With regards.

At such hernias, dual-layer meshes are used. As these meshes are placed inside the abdomen, one surface gets in contact with the inner organs. Therefore, these are specially produced in order to prevent an adhesion to the intestine. These meshes, which are rather expensive, are very successful. The problem with your father is that the operation has to be performed under general anaesthesia. As his general condition is well, it can be performed securely.

Q: Dear Sir, The physician of the Stately Paediatric Hospital said us that our newborn (25 days old girl) has right inginual hernia and that, regarding the anaesthesia, that the baby is too young and that we should wait until July and that they will perform the operation in July. I please your opinions and advises on this issue. With regards.

The hernia operations at newborn are made by the paediatric surgeon. It will be better to perform the operation when the baby is accommodated with the outer world.

Q: My mother is 55 years old, 15 days ago she got operated for her gall and umbilical hernia at the same time. After the operation she suffered under extreme back pain and rib pain. Is this pain normal. The physician said that these pains are normal and will last for a period. Would you please inform me. Thank you.

That she has still pain after 15 days is not very normal. Especially after laparoscopic operations the pain (ideally not existent) should end or relief in shortest time. The reason for laparoscopic, meaning closed operations is that these are painless and comfortable for patients.

Q: I got umbilical hernia during my pregnancy. My baby is now 22 months old. Initially it did not cause any pain. Now I get sometimes aches. Do I think about an operation immediately. What may be the harms of postponing? Thank you.

The repair of your umbilical hernia should be planned in shortest time. The operation is very easy, You don’t need to be kept at the hospital, you may turn-back home to your beloved ones on the same day. If you should not be operated, the hole in the navel will get larger. Your pain will increase. Beside this, when the hole gets larger, on one hand the repair will be more difficult and on the other hand, there will be a risk of intestine strangulation. Therefore, I advise you to get operated in shortest time.

Q: My umbilical hernia, which was operated at the Şişli SSk in 1988, re-incurred.

1- I had cirrhosis, would this be a problem for the anaesthesia? All my liver test results are in limits since months (the physician will be consulted).

If your liver tests are in normal limits, you may securely be operated. The medications to be given at the anaesthesia, as long as such are chosen not to harm your liver, your liver balance will not be affected.

Q: Hello, I have a bulb at my left groin since 6-7 years. It sometimes disappears and sometimes appears back. I suppose that I need an operation, but I am very afraid of that. My question is; how long will the pains last after the operation?

That what you described seems to be an inginual hernia. You need to be operated. If you should have a closed operation, you will not suffer any pain. In case of an open operation, you might have pain for 2-3 days, which can be controlled by simple analgesics. But this will not harm you that much.

Q: Hello, I have been to the physician 1 month ago, he said that I have hernia at initial stage. But now I have burn-out and pain at my intestine and the upper part of the abdomen. Is hernia the reason for that, and if yes, what do need to do in order to be relieved from pain. I thank you in advance for your answer.

Inginual hernias cause pain in the initial stage. These pains will decrease by time. But the pains are typically in the groin region. The pain at the upper abdomen, how you described, must be due to another reason.

Q: I am 50 years old and have chronic kidney failure. I have an umbilical hernia since 10 years, which is as big as a coin. Each time it comes out, I push it back with my fingers. Can I be operated by laser without constituting a hindrance for the dialysis? I am Bağkur pensioned, how will be the pricing? Thank you.

Our only strain at patients with chronic kidney failure is that blooding incurs. After a dialysis, the heparin, given at the end, would be neutralized and your operation would be performed immediately afterwards. You would be recovered until the next dialysis. The laser technology is not used at these operations. You may be operated open or closed.

Q: I recently got hernia, as I went to the physician he said that it has time. Why does it have time?

I also don’t know what he meant with “it has time”. It would have been better if you would have asked your physician. If hernia is detected, it should be operated in shortest time (not emergency). It is an easy operation. You will be discharged on the same day and turn-back to work within 2-3 days. Therefore, I didn't understand what to wait.

Q: I got a hernia operation in 2002 at the Okmeydanı SSK. Now my aches began at the same location. Is it possible to have hernia at the same location?

Yes, it is possible, but if there is only pain and if there is no bulb in the groin as previously, it may be that the reason for the pain is not a hernia.

Q: What is the duration for sexual activities after a dual-side inginual hernia operation?

As soon as you get back home after closed operations.

Q: I am a professional football (soccer) player. I had an inginual hernia operation approx. 2 months ago. They placed a mesh. But I still cannot run, just walk. This situation causes a real problem for me. How long will this problem last and is there something I have to do. Thank you for your attention. Bye.

The operation should be performed closed at professional sportsmen. You should be able to start running after 15 days upon the operation performed by experienced staff. There is nothing you can do, your pain will disappear in short time. But you could not perform your profession for a long time of 2 month. Wish you a soon recovery.

Q: I have hernia in my groin, but I cannot be operated due to my asthma-bronchitis. Is there another solution?

Asthma-bronchitis is no hindrance for this operation. There is no other solution for hernia except an operation.

We know that our work is human focussed. We believe that the human is in the centre of all our professional activities and that our target is somehow preventive medicine.
We know that our work is human focussed. We believe that the human is in the centre of all our professional activities and that our target is somehow preventive medicine.
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